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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Papaya Vert

On Saturday I had the immense pleasure of eating at another Supper Club in Norwich. In the three years we have been dabbling with our club we have met plenty of people who have threatened to start one and never have. Until now. It can be pretty lonely at times running  supper club. Hearing a good mate was setting one up has given me a lot to be excited about. Officially there are now two supper clubs in Norwich. Exciting news folks!
The lovely Papaya Vert and me
Jaki Clibbon is a beautiful Aussie chic from Melbourne.  Jaki is also an adoptee from Vietnam, so holds in her veins and DNA some culinary magic from that beautiful part of Asia. Jaki cooked some very authentic dishes from Vietnam including Banh Xeo, Goi Cuon, Pho and some rather addictive Imperial rolls...I ate way too many of those and could hardly move on the way home in the cab.
Jaki and her impressive line up of dipping sauces and Goi Cuon
Every dish was fantastic and more than scratched my unending itch for Vietnamese food up here in Norfolk. It was such a pleasure to eat at her table, not only for the great food but also the great service Jaki's husband and sister in law Johny and Lucy provided. It was heart warming to see the family supporting Papaya Vert, with some beautiful style. 
Lucy is the famous Norfolk artist Lucy Loveheart. The guests were lucky enough to be waited on by Lucy and have hand made personal place names..I admit I stole mine. It is so stunning. We were all made to feel very special indeed. One of the most important things about the night was that we were also there to raise money for the Allambie Orphanage. To find out more about more about Jaki and her culinary fundraising please find her here.
Supper Clubs are a great thing, far less formality than eating in a restaurant and great food if you choose your club well. It was a brilliant experience to be on the other side. I am pretty sure I drank far too much and no doubt stayed too long. I came away feeling we had had a very special and rare evening. Which is a very good sign.

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