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Crispy red Thai curry sardines recipe

6 sardines gutted with head on if you like
1 tablespoon red Thai curry paste 
Groundnut oil
2 limes
handful of freshly chopped mint

In a pestle and mortar mix the curry paste and 2 table spoons of groundnut oil together so it is a looser paste. With your hand on the back of your sardines push down and flatten the sardine so it breaks the flesh apart, you can remove the spine at this point, I like to leave it in.
In a big bowl rub the oily paste all over inside and outside the fish and leave for an hour or longer to marinade.
To cook
Heat a decent pan on hot with a slug of oil in it. Add the fish flesh side down to the hot pan and leave until brown and sticky then turn, this is about 4-5 mins in my copper pan. The turn over and do the other side. Make sure they are crispy and sticky looking when you flip them.
Serve with lime and mint scattered and squeezed.

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