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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Smack The Pony and the 'dessert face'..

 Pear Tart Tatin, served with cinnamon ice cream and pistachio brittle..

 When I was working on Smack The Pony the girls did a very funny sketch in a restaurant that still haunts me now. The sketch was about a waitress who, according to her manager did not have a good enough 'dessert face' when asking customers if they wanted dessert. You know when you are in a fairly decent restaurant and your waiter asks you if you ''would like a little dessert?'' the good waiting staff have that ' oooh lets all be a bit naughty now and eat something we shouldn't' look on their face, an almost ..'go on you know you want to..' look about them. The manager in the sketch (and no doubt this is true) insisted it sold more desserts and coffee's if you used the 'dessert face'.
Every time I plan our puddings, this sketch rings around in my head. Last month we had a small disaster when our rose ice cream did not set in time. I made some rose Chantilly creme with almonds as a replacement, which I must say was utterly delicious with the poached quince and crystallised rose petals, the disaster turned in to a very happy accident. I tried very hard as we served our pudding, as I do every time...not to say in a ridiculous voice...''would you like a little desserrrrrrrrrt?''. Enjoy!


  1. I thought dessert face was all about the beautiful lady I can see in your pear tart, or was that quite deliberate?

  2. Ah yes the "desert" face. Well known in the trade.

  3. Hey Roxi! Sorry I don't quite understand what you mean? Lovely to see an Aussie chick on the blog!!
    Would you like a little dessssssseeeeeeeeerrrrrt? x

  4. oh my god! that takes me back!!!! would YOU like a little DESSSSSSEEEEEEERT!!!
    love the blog....xxxx
    (that is from me, rachie....)

  5. Thank you so much Rachie! How come you are on Brondie's profile hey...? Interesting! ''Would you like a little dessssssssssserrrrrrrt?''