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Friday, 11 October 2013

Bounty of the Burnhams, a Food Art History collaboration

Victoria, Kirks Blue, Greengage and Glass plum
We are excited to be collaborating with Salt Glass Studio's on November 30th for a Food Art History event celebrating the rich and historic produce in the North Norfolk area known as The Burnhams
Salt Glass Studio have created a vastly beautiful collection of glass inspired by both female farmers Nina Plumbe the fruit farmer of Burnham Overy Town and Dr Sally Francis of Norfolk Saffron of Burnham Norton. 
Nina is the second generation farmer after inheriting her Fathers farm who began farming in Norfolk after the war. The vast collection of rare and wonderful plums, pears and apples on Nina's farm are astounding with a few varieties only Nina has in existence in this country. Nina likes to ride motorbikes around Africa for fun, she is an incredible woman. 

Dr Sally Francis is an Oxford educated botanist who has brought Saffron production back not only to the UK, but to Norfolk where is was centuries ago produced. Her saffron is of very high quality and from it she also produces a much sought after liqueur. 

Salt Glass have also been inspired by mussels harvested from Burnham Deepdale and Norton Creek and have been working with John Brown Mussels exploring form and history. 

The rather wonderful The Gin Garden will be joining forces with us to create a heady blend of cocktails using the abundant ingredients we have here in this immediate area. Plums and apples of many varieties, quince, blackberries, rose hips and of course saffron. Plums have been steeping in alcohol and syrups have been made since August for this very special event. 

There will be a feast of art, glass demonstrations, food and cocktails. Tickets are £35 to buy click HERE


Game on a stick 

Mussels with saffron aioli and sourdough

Saffron barley risotto

Hot deep fried apples with spiced saffron batter, plum ice cream and blackberry syrup

Quince marshmallow 

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