A husband and wife team. Yusuf is a professional chef, Clarissa is a designer, events organiser and very good cook. Regular supper clubs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Devon and London. For bookings and event information email unthanksupperclub@gmail.com


 Yusuf and Clarissa began cooking together a few years ago as a hobby. Clarissa fell in love with Yusuf whilst watching him make a simple tomato salad. He took great care and it tasted elegant, sweet and perfect, she could see he was trying to impress her and in a beautiful humble way it did. 

Clarissa wooed Yusuf with Vietnamese noodle salads and Mozambique prawns, their fate may well have been sealed when she gave him his first oyster..and he liked it. Back then Yusuf was a carpenter, his hands were very good at making things and through their shared love of food Yusuf became a chef. Yusuf has worked at The Library and the The Wildebeest Arms in Norfolk and has since gone on to become Ben Handley's  sous chef at The Duck Inn at Stanhoe, North Norfolk. Working not just with a hugely talented and experienced chef like Ben, but a lovely family run business with great ethics towards their team. 

Clarissa is a former costume designer , a career which never truly leaves your veins. She is a keen party girl and fancy dress addict, with amusing glamour being the general modus operandi. Clarissa has always hosted huge parties and dinner parties and the supper club became a natural progression of her generous, fun and hospitable nature.
Having worked in TV, Film, Theatre, Fashion, Buying and Jewellery Design and music. Clarissa brings all of her experience to her events.
She is a Mother, good cook, events organiser, photographer, fool and wife. Her love of food has spanned two decades of eating a LOT of Vietnamese and Turkish food in Hackney. After leaving London to have a child, the cravings where too intense and she taught herself through scouring the internet and reading books to make real Vietnamese food at home. Some of which she serves at the supper club.

Yusuf and Clarissa enjoy using seasonal produce, something which is abundant in Norfolk. They both have a keen interest in good nutrition and excellent produce. They cook at their regular supper clubs in Norfolk and London and also for private clients. 

To book Yusuf and Clarissa to cook for you email unthanksupperclub@gmail.com 


  1. What a beautifully written page! Hope to see you soon and to sample your delicious food again.

  2. Thank you Mui, thank you for the assistance. The relief! xx

  3. Yusuf struggled through 5 weeks at Tuddenham mill and then ran away before a monday nights service. How dare he use it to promote these awful looking supper clubs. Take it down now.

  4. If you are going to write a blog please make sure what you right is correct!
    Ben Handley was sous chef at Titchwell Manor NOT joint head chef, this was 4 years before we received our 3rd Rosette, to claim he was instrumental in us receiving this award is ridiculous!
    I'm hoping these are not Ben's words as I'm sure he has more pride than to claim achievements which are not his, maybe its an innocent mistake but as you are also lying about where Yusuf works I'm doubting it.
    I expect this piece to be corrected or taken down.