A husband and wife team. Yusuf is a professional chef, Clarissa is a designer, events organiser and very good cook. Regular supper clubs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Devon and London. For bookings and event information email unthanksupperclub@gmail.com

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cookery Class Norfolk

I will be hosting a cookery class next month. We will be preparing a selection of some of my favourite supper club dishes. There will be vegan, veggie and fish and meat dishes. I love cooking wheat and dairy free so if you are either and want to learn some new dishes then this is for you. We will make 6 dishes and sit and eat them together.
From Supper club favourites such as...
Goi Cuon- Vietnamnese summer rolls and dipping sauces
Crispy tofu with lemongrass and chilli
Chargrilled and marinated aubergine
Roasted bream and gremolata
Crystalised rose petals
Mackerel Bhaji's
Individual pear tart tatin with star anise
Rose cream
Pistachio brittle
Bo La Lot-beef in betel leaf
Roast bone marrow
Red curry crispy sardines
Carrot and chinese leaf rolls with nuoc cham
Spiced grilled leg of lamb with garlic yogurt

Suggested donation £60 From 1pm until 6pm
Email unthanksupperclub@gmail.com to book

I will provide all of the ingredients, my techniques and suppliers. 


  1. Looking forward to attending! I hear mum's just booked, maybe I can finally impress my housemates with my new culinary skills!

  2. Most exciting to have a family in my kitchen Laurie! Looking forward to meeting you all. Xxx

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