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Friday, 7 January 2011

We take a small break..

During January Yusuf and I will take a break from cooking at our Supper Club. Yusuf had the busiest month of cooking during December and is well overdue a rest in the kitchen, as am I. We will be cooking in February again with a South East Asian inspired menu. Vietnamese fresh rolls will be making a come back. (a personal favourite of mine!)
Our Christmas club was great fun and we met some wonderful new foodies. Secret Santa was a great hit..though a few people did forget to bring a gift and it was left to me to 'create' the odd gift here and there...dried shrimp was a successful one, a tin of condensed milk was not quite as well received.
Cooking churros con chocolate for over 30 people was rather overwhelming I must say..by he final batch I was wishing I just had a big fat Churros van outside the house, like I have seen late at night in Spain. Maybe next time.

This month I will be detoxing. No meat, dairy, wheat, coffee, tea or alcohol. Lots of vegetables, brown rice and fruit with the odd bit of fish. Understandably this goes against most of our days of experimenting in the kitchen and cosy nights drinking a glass of red. It will be rather a large challenge I must say, but I will endeavour to have a very healthy month in preparation for our next event, where no doubt all of the rules will fly very quickly out of the window.

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