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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I have been very lazy with this blog!

Dearest Foodie folk,
Apologies for the lack of anything for the last few months. We have still been running every month, but I have been so busy I have updated our Facebook page over this page. So I promise to keep up with this element of The Unthank Supper Club. We are still in full swing and our members list is now over 400! Not bad for a little club in the depths of Norfolk.

We have just had a wonderful November meal of Catalan rabbit and chorizo stew. I was so impressed with how many people sat and ate a whole plateful of rabbit! Yusuf and I like our game fresh and not hung, so there was a wonderful fresh and very 'ungamey' flavour to the stew. Personally I loath hung meat, it actually makes me feel very ill. I wonder if there is a bit of a macho approach to hanging meat?....The whole hang it until it's head drops off really is revolting. We did have a lot of clean plates I must say.

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