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Monday, 19 September 2011

I am a hopeless blogger!

After our break away from our little supper club over the summer I have been trying to catch up with all of our members old and new. We have had so much interest and I realise I have utterly abandoned the blog! So I am here and will attempt to keep you updated with our events.

We are fully booked this month, but as always we can squeeze you in last minute if you want to drop us a mail.

We are surrounded by wonderful produce were we live and I am excited to announce my first success at growing squashes will be debut at our table! I have been growing vegetables for three years now and have failed with squash every year. This year I took action and hacked some trees down to let in more sunlight. I have tended to my babies all summer, feeding them, even singing to them! I have three beautiful 'Turks Turban' squashes that will grace our meal. That makes me very happy indeed. All of the fruit and vegatables this month will be found locally, which also makes me very happy! Such a wonderful time of year.

Yusuf will be creating the most visually spectacular pudding this month, what that man can do with a pear and some pastry is quite exciting I must say...I am looking forward to it.

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