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Sunday, 2 October 2011

The October Menu

Halloween special.....

There will be a Pumpkin carving competition this month. Bring along your pumpkin creation and have the chance of a free meal for one at the January supper club! Last year there was an exciting array of pumpkins lighting the Supper Club dining room, from Lional Richie to modern art! The winner gets a free pass to our January club!!


Figs with Pecorino and honey with freshly baked lemon bread

Osso Bucco with Rissotto alla Milanese
and Gremolata

Shallot Tart Tatin with Rissotto alla Milanese
and Gremolata

Poached Quince with Cardamon ice cream and Pistachio brittle

Pots of fresh tea and coffee

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