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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cooking alone and Supper in the Sticks

At the tender age of 40 I had an epiphany last night whilst cooking a 7 course meal for my Supper in the Sticks event. 


I thoroughly enjoy cooking alone, it makes me very happy. As I am now married to a chef this poses some problems...we are both very strong characters. He is calm and deeply grounded, I am calm with bouts of hot headed passion (the fun kind and the not so fun kind...I am a fire sign, big temper! and really silly) 
Recently my husband and I had a disagreement over a risotto, there were 3 pans of risotto on and we were deep frying two other pans. My lovely husband gestured crossly at me with a slotted spoon which...and here is the flash point, had just come out of the deep frying pan, flicking hot oil down the centre of my body. I did what any woman should do at this point and kicked his arse really hard in flip flops (yes I know I should be wearing more sensible shoes in the kitchen) and called him ''what have you F**ing T*at''...in front of two friends at the kitchen sink.

It was embarrasing. I wasn't proud of myself. But worse than that, none of it was enjoyable. We both said sorry,  but it was not a great moment.

I will now be cooking alone, in my home once or twice a month. Last night saw the launch of my first 'Supper in the Sticks'. I cooked a 7 course Vietnamese meal in my home and it was a great success. It is a treat to meet some rather dynamic and very beautiful (such an attractive table last night!) women. South Norfolk clearly has a hidden bevy of beauties.

The Menu was...
Goi Cuon
Summer rolls
Kohlrabi salad with perilla and peanuts and hot and sour dressingBap Cai Don
Carrot and cabbage rolls
Tomato and eggflower soup
Dau Phu Chien Xa Ot
Deep fried bean curd with lemon grass
Ca Nuong
Grilled Aubergine with soy
Goi Cuon

Summer rolls with pork and prawn
Kohlrabi salad with perilla and peanuts and hot and sour dressing
Bo La Lot
Beef wrapped in betel leaf with dipping sauce
Bo Nuong Xa
Chargrilled lemongrass beef
Tomato and eggflower soup
Salt and chili prawn
Trai cay

Fresh fruit with cinnamon and lime dressing
Fresh mint tea from my garden

We are still running our collaborative night in Norwich every month as per usual, and I will be wearing much more sensible shoes next time. 

LONDON is also calling! I am establishing a London Supper Club too....watch this space.

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