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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Enjoying what you do

Recently I cooked at home for a table full of wonderful people.
The Menu went...
The Carnivores Menu
1.Mushroom barley miso with sea lettuce and fish balls
2.Summer rolls
3.Lemongrass seafood lollipops
4.Pomelo salad

5.Salmon in banana leaf
6.Rice vermicelli with coriander and spring onion
7.Trai cay with Mochi

The Veggie Menu
1.Mushroom barley miso with sea lettuce
2.Summer rolls
3.Mooli wontons
4.Pomelo salad
5.Tofu in banana leaf
6.Rice vermicelli with coriander and spring onion

7.Trai Cay with Mochi

I don't mind admitting that I am way behind on Twitter and have only just really started using it to A. be of any interest and B. be useful. This tiny supper in the sticks owed half of it's guest to Twitter. Thank you Twitter! Courtesy of a wonderful woman named Kirsty at TiddlyPomDesign I had four rather fabulous guests at my table. It has not been easy living in the sticks after years of London and travel...it can be mono culture-ish..it stifles me somewhat. The lack of diversity I find really hard sometimes. What was truly wonderful was that through a tweet I met four wonderfully creative and hilarious people some of whom live in my own stomping ground of Hackney. We sat in my garden smoking fags and drinking wine until the early hours. It was lovely. We ate..

Salmon in banana leaf with tamari, ginger, garlic, chilli and kaffir lime

Vegan wonton, a project I have been working to perfect. It want very well.

Pearl mushroom barley miso with fish ball

What was more lovely was Kirsty sent me this illustration..penned by her own fair hand of me doing what I do. Glass in hand...
I must confess, I had a tear in my eye when I opened this. And she very sweetly made me look quite a lot thinner! Thanks for that.

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